woensdag 2 juni 2010


Ive bought a lot since my last blogpost. I almost forgot what! Because ooh its a lot. Maybe I should put myself on a shopdiet....Something like no shopping, and especcially no shoes for like a month. But then again I cant start today. Because Ive planned to go to Primark next monday with my lil' sis and my mom. So maybe its better to start after that.... Ok, I'll try.... But first some pics. Hopefully the weather will continue to be this lovely so I can wear it all very soon and post some outfitpics!

Pic 1: Floral Dress H&M Garden Collection
Pic 2:  Black Triwa watch
Pic 3: Black laced wedges from Zara, black Converse and a pair of sandals
Pic 4: Beige Trench Coat Ive been looking for for ages by H&M via eBay.
Pic 5: Green Military Dress by Zara, headband by H&M, jeanslegging by Vila, nude coloured vest by H&M, floral skirt by Zara, ballet flats in nude and black by Zara, offwhite blouse by Zara, and my favourite; leather bag from Topshop!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi, vooral je horloge, wedges en tas!

    Ik werk trouwens op een behandelgroep voor kinderen die uit huis zijn geplaatst, ze wonen 24/7 op de groep dus vandaar dat we dag- en slaapdiensten hebben :)

  2. Super leuke aankopen zeg, vooral de Allstars en trenchcoat!