woensdag 30 december 2009


NYE outfit
Sinds een aantal weken werk ik als editor voor luxurytweet.net. We hebben daar sinds enkele dagen de oproep op staan om je nieuwjaarsoutfit te mailen en kans te maken op een plaats op de site en een leuk klein beautypakket. Nu ben ik, als groot fan van jullie dutch fashion bloggers, heel erg nieuwsgierig naar jullie outfits. En daarnaast denk ik ook dat jullie de meeste kans maken op het pakket ;-)! Dus mail je outfit naar
info@luxurytweet.net en win!!

Guest Writers
Daarnaast zijn we ook altijd op zoek naar guest writers, die ongeveer 1 keer per week een leuk artikel willen schrijven over mode, beauty of lifestyle. Wat win je ermee? Een podium, eeuwige roem, je naam op de site, en ervaring! Lijkt dit je wat, mail dan naar rianne@luxurytweet.net!

Spread the word :-)



Dress- H&M
Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings - Chanel
Boots - Alexander McQueen
Hairband - Net-a-Porter

dinsdag 22 december 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates but the last 10 days Ive been quite busy with writing and editing for Luxurytweet.
It's in dutch, so you dutch peepz go and check it out! I am very curious what you think!


ps/ Promise to try to update more often

dinsdag 8 december 2009


Boots: Alexander McQueen
Jeans: Acne
Bag: Miu Miu
Blazer: Markus Lupfer
Shirt: L'Agence

Source: Net-a-Porter

dinsdag 1 december 2009


Thanks to Cindy I am the proud owner of these amazing and so comfy black suede overknee boots. Love them!!

Also some pictures of my recent purchases and gifts :-)

Boots - Vintage
Blazer - Zara
Black Dress - H&M
Bag - Zara
Necklace - Tiffany & Co
Heels - Jimmy Choo for H&M
Ring - A gift for my Masters Degree and 25th birthday (it is white gold with three little diamonds in it)

vrijdag 27 november 2009


Well I held you like a lover
Happy hands and your elbow in the appropriate place

And we ignored our others, happy plans
For that delicate look upon your face

Our bodies moved and hardened
Hurting parts of your garden
With no room for a pardon
In a place where no one knows what we have done

Do you come
Together ever with him?
And is he dark enough?
Enough to see your light?
And do you brush your teeth before you kiss?
Do you miss my smell?
And is he bold enough to take you on?
Do you feel like you belong?
And does he drive you wild?
Or just mildly free?
What about me?

Well you held me like a lover
Sweaty hands
And my foot in the appropriate place

And we use cushions to cover
Happy glands
In the mild issue of our disgrace

Our minds pressed and guarded
While our flesh disregarded
The lack of space for the light-hearted
In the boom that beats our drum

Well I know I make you cry
And I know sometimes you wanna die
But do you really feel alive without me?
If so, be free
If not, leave him for me
Before one of us has accidental babies
For we are in love

Do you come
Together ever with him?
Is he dark enough?
Enough to see your light?
Do you brush your teeth before you kiss?
Do you miss my smell?
And is he bold enough to take you on?
Do you feel like you belong?
And does he drive you wild?
Or just mildly free?

What about me?
What about me?

woensdag 25 november 2009


Yesterday I received my order from H&M. Sorry to say that I wasn't really impressed with all of the items. I really did love the black flat ballet flats but the size is just a bit too small. So no ballets for me. The bag I ordered was really disappointing, meaning it was soo small! The gladiator heels were quite nice but too much like the gladiator heels I already have. So this leaves me with the black shiny killerheels. At first I thought that I wasn't going to keep these ones but I tried them on and they fit perfectly. So only one item of the Jimmy Choo collection for me.

If you are interested in buying the other items. Please send me an email with your bid.

ps. all the shoes are size 8 (us)/39 (euro).

- Ballet flats are sold.


zaterdag 21 november 2009


Check out my new COS dress. Love it! Actually I loved everything in store...wanna go back soon :-)!

This is what I was wearing to my jobinterview (and yesterday to the amazing event; TEDxAmsterdam) only instead of the boots I wore my lovely Nine West peeptoe heels to the interview.

Dress: COS,
Tights: H&M,
Necklace: H&M,
Boots: Tango

donderdag 19 november 2009

dinsdag 17 november 2009


Last week I told you that I was invited for an intern interview at a very nice company. The interview went very well and the more I heard about the company the more I wanted to work there. After the interview I went home with a good feeling and that feeling turned out to be right. Around 5 o'clock friday afternoon they called me and said that they would love it if I would be their intern. I was so flabbergasted and so excited that I enthusiastically said yes! I talked about it with my bf and he was also very enthusiastic. Until we came to the financial part and we had to conclude that it was not possible to afford everything if I would not have a normal salary. I fellt really dissapointed but it is how it is. So this morning I called them to tell the bad news. They could totally understand it but at the moment they could not offer me a job. So unfortunately I am back on the road again.... looking for another nice job in the PR/Communication and fashion. Hope I will fnd a nice one.


ps I did manage to find the perfect job interview outfit. On thursday I went into town (Amsterdam) but couldn't find anything. Then a good friend of mine told me I had to go to COS in The Hague. And that's what I did on friday morning and I scored the perfect dress; black with balmainlike shoulders. Love it! Will post a pic asap.

Source: livejournal.com//users/foto_decadent

zondag 15 november 2009


Jimmy Choo for H&M, a lot of people were looking forward to the launch of this special line for H&M. Since I do not have any money I did not want to buy anything although I really liked the black flat studded pumps.

But yesterday morning when I woke up around half past nine I had some kind of weird feeling. I went downstairs made myself some breakfast and checked my email on my Iphone. And then I saw the clock ticking and suddenly I could not resist to try to enter the H&M online store. At first I couldn't get in, but stubborn as I am I kept on trying. And suddenly I was in... and I felt the pressure of scarcity, and out of the blue picked some shoes -no not only the flat pumps- and a bag and put them in my online basket...and..... I ordered them. I told myself that I could always return the items or sell them (I did not checked marktplaats and Ebay before I thought that lol).  Typically an example of the cognitive dissonance theory. So I kind of fall for the pressure of scarity...stupid me....although it still does not feel that way because I so do love the items I ordered.  H&M passed with flying colours....still think it's amazing why do people so want these items....and why am I one of them?!

What do you think? And did you get in, and had the chance to order something?


donderdag 12 november 2009


Source: Stocholmstreetstyle

maandag 9 november 2009


Thanks for all the best wishes for my application.

Got a phonecall today from the agency where I applied for a job. Unfortunately they don't have any vacancies at the moment but they are looking for an intern. Due to the fact that I do not have much experience in fashion and PR/Communicatie she asked if I would like that. I did not have to think about it, and immediatly said that I would like that very much. Next friday I have the job intern interview! I'll keep you guys posted which outfit I will choose! But there will definately be some shopping this week!

Keep you posted!!

Source: livejournal/foto_decadent

woensdag 4 november 2009


ps. Please keep on making outfits for me :-). Check the previous post for more information!

woensdag 28 oktober 2009


Dear readers,

As you all know by now I am very busy looking for the perfect job. A couple of weeks ago I have found a perfect company and today I send them my resume and motivation. So now I have my fingers crossed for their reaction.

I really hope they will invite me for a job interview and for this I would love you to help me with my outfit. Ofcourse I have some ideas of my own but I am very curious about your ideas for the perfect job interview outfit.

Please combine an outfit for me with pieces from online shops and post it here, or send me an email (rrrianne@gmail.com). If I pick your outfit I will especcially name you and your blog in my next column for coak.nl. This will help you get a lot of extra attention, and will make you a little bit more famous. Who doesn't want that!!

Be creative!!

I am looking forward to your creations!!


source: relyme.com

vrijdag 23 oktober 2009


Tomorrow I have a shoot and instead of money I will receive some goodies (he is a friend, so we kind of made a deal).

One of the things I will get are these amazing Sabre sunglasses. What do you think?

I will also receive some tees with a print of my own choice. But at the moment I don't know what kind of print. Any suggestions?

donderdag 22 oktober 2009


Since a couple of weeks I am a freelance writer and a columnist (see: http://www.coak.nl/2009/10/riannes-zoeklicht/#more-2427)  for an online magazine called coak.nl. One of the nice things about being a writer is that you have the opportunity to go the events and see new products before anyone else can.

About a week ago I had the opportunity to visit the Sephora xmas event. The event was held in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and it was so nice and cosy! There was champaign and we could eat strawberries out of a chocolat fountain and much more :-). But ofcourse it wasn't about the food. It was all about the new products which will be in store in november.

I really liked the products and gifts they have for christmas and already picked out some nice presents which I would like to give to my friends and family.

One of the new productlines is inspired on the Parisian Cabaret 'le crazy horse' and one of the items of that line are these sweet little ducks.

The winter shower and bath collection of Sephora is inspired on caramel and chocolat. The bodymousse smells so deliscious that you have to keep yourself from tasting it! If you buy multiple products of this line Sephora will put the products in this lovely bathtub.

The cherry on the pie is that Sephora does not wrap your present in old-fashioned giftpaper, but in these fabulous boxes. This makes it even nicer to give presents (or not, because you want to keep it for yourself ;-)).

Nice thing about all this? You don't have to think twice about where to buy you christmas presents. Sephora has something for everybody!

vrijdag 16 oktober 2009


Yesterday I went shopping with my sister. And look what I found: the bag I saw on Ebay only much cheaper. So Ebay isn't always as cheap as I thought.

Here a picture of todays outfit. Sorry for the bad quality but my camera is in Amsterdam, so I had to take the photo with my Iphone.

Ouch I'm looking a bit odd...:S (don't like pictures of me)

Bag: Zara //Boots: Tango // Dress: H&M // Leather Jacked: a leathershop in Amsterdam // Sunglasses: Fendi

donderdag 15 oktober 2009


So cool the stuff you can find on places as ebay and marktplaats (dutch ebay).
Love this bag...... love these boots.....
Too bad I can not afford all of them at the moment. Can't wait to have a job :-D

Update: oops bought them both :-D
(source: ebay.com and marktplaats.nl)


This amazing dutch fashion site organizes discount days twice a year! And what kind of discount!

Check http://www.styletoday.nl/discountdays for all the information!


woensdag 14 oktober 2009


I was looking for some tough leather motorcycle like boots.... and found these @Tango
Your opinion please?


ps. sorry for the bad quality but made by my Iphone :S


Recently I told you about my doubts about what kind of job in fashion I would like. Last week I spoke to some people and attended some events and now I do know what I want; I want to do PR/communication.

It feels as such a relieve that now I do know what I want. But then again, on the other hand; PR/communication and then preferably in fashion might be kind of difficult to find. Difficult, since I do not have any experience in fashion. As a woman of a fashion recruiters agency told me, it is essential  to have experience to enter that world. According to her, another way achieving what I want can be done through networking. And that's a thing I am good at! From the moment I had access to the world wide web I had my own little blog on lifejournal and stayed in contact with people with the same interest (mostly fashion) from all over the world! My fascination for social media was born! Since then I did not only write my blogs I also attended hyves, facebook, linkedin, several modelplatforms and my favorite, twitter. Through all these social media I have met a lot of people and had a lot of opportunities which I would not have if I did not know all these people through the Internet. So networking should be a piece of cake for me.

Another advice someone gave me is that I have to be noticed. This means, no standard resume, and no standard application letter. So what I did is I made my resume in psp. I am not very good at it, but I have some basic skills, and taking that in mind I am very proud on the result. I hope the companies who will receive it, think the same way ;-).

Networking check
Standing out check

I'm gonna give it my very best and hope that within a couple of weeks I have found my perfect job!

I'll keep you posted!


vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

donderdag 1 oktober 2009


I have to step out my box....and see the world cause then the world will see me!

woensdag 23 september 2009


As I told earlier I have some decisions to make. One of them is deciding what kind of job I like.

Within two weeks I will finish my study Health Sciences at the University which means that I have to start looking for a job. The only problem is that I don't know where to start. At first I wanted something in the health area, something with scientific research on infectious diseases and vaccins etc. But then I realised that such a job is not the right job for me at the moment. Oh yes, I want to do research in the health area on one time in my life but not on this moment.

Another area which really has my attention, and always had my attention is, how suprisingly; fashion. Before I did this Health Sciences study, I finished a study in Communication Science, so the background is kinda there. I also did modeling for quite some years (and still do it sometimes) so I also know something about that tiny little world. And ofcourse I just love, breathe, eat and drink fashion *don't we all ;-)*

But now I've reached the following problem; what kind of job in fashion? Do I want to write, do I want to create, lead, do PR...etc. I really don't know. That's why I decided to make an appointment with someone who does know. She is gonna help me with my resume, how I can present myself, and which jobs might be right for me. Next thursday is the day, and I can't wait!

I'll keep you posted!


Source: livejournal.com/foto_decadent

dinsdag 22 september 2009


A couple of days ago I bought the 20th anniversary edition of the Dutch Elle, but I did not had the time to read it until today. One of the things I really liked was the top 100 'greatest hits of the female wardrobe'. So what I did is, I made a list with the things of that top 100 that I did not have and wanted to have.

Here is my top 10

1). Carry all (Mulberry Bayswater in black for me)
2). Trenchcoat (didn't found the perfect one for me yet)
3). Ballet flats (wanna go for the real stuff now, so please London Sole)
4). Denim Jacket
5). Wonder cream (Clarins Beauty Flash Balm)
6). Kneeboots (more please)
7). Touche Éclat YSL (every girl needs a perfect concealer)
8). Sneakers (so comfy)
9.) Zipped hoodie (according to Elle; neccessary for an off-day)
10.) Lip balm (for soft kissable lips; Smith's Rosebud Salve)

What is your top 10 of must have greatest hits for the female wardrobe?

Source: Elle

maandag 21 september 2009


Source: http://jblyth.com/blog.html

zondag 20 september 2009


I am looking for the perfect bag for quite some time now and recently I decided that my perfect bag is a designer bag. The only problem is that I can not choose. Maybe you can help me out, or suggest other bags?

Mulberry Bayswater
Links uitlijnen
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Chanel Jumbo bag

Almost fell for a vintage but new with tags Mulberry Bayswater oak for 200 euro. But then I realized how impossible that was. Maybe I can better buy the new one for 650 euro's on the Mulberry website. Weird part is that the bag is 850 dollar which equals 577 euro. Strange for a UK brand is'nt it?
Source: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry

vrijdag 18 september 2009


I'm enjoying the sun on my skin so much :-)
Very happy with this Indian Summer.

Source:  Vogue Australia September 2009

donderdag 17 september 2009

woensdag 16 september 2009


Found out about this amazing girl/artist/illustrator today http://caitlinquiet.blogspot.com/ Her work is really stunning and I've already pictured my new bedroom full of her paintings. Even better is that we not only can admire her pictures on the wall but can also wear them. Recently she gotten her amazing work on t-shirts. Check out some of the designs: You can buy the shirts at her Etsy shop and (Pepperminte) and at Redbubble.

Go and check it out!!


Last night when I was lying in my bed I was thinking about the past. About the dreams and the plans that I had and how they turned out. When I was 17 I did't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well actually I did know it, but my plans changed by the day. One day I wanted to become a docter, another day I wanted to become a model, and again another day I wanted to start the Dutch VOGUE or be a musical actress. But my changing plans were okay, I was allowed not knowing what to become. And that's the nice part about being young, you don't have worry about your future. Because your future lies far ahead of you. You can change your dreams and plans every the day, because you've got the time.

But now when I've grown up, or at least should have grown up, it feels like I'm running out of time. It's like I'm obliged to make decisions, decisions which are hard to make. What kind of job, where to live, getting married, having children etc.

Sometimes I wish I was 17 again and I could dream my dreams.....without making difficult decisions.....

Source: http://livejournal/foto_decadent