donderdag 1 juli 2010


In love....

The only thing I need is a lovely tee and a pair of grey heels....oh wait a minute...I already have grey heels....



maandag 14 juni 2010


Recently found this picture on a photographers website. Love it! Cant believe its me :-)...
Also found some great pictures/great words on her

donderdag 10 juni 2010


Well actually I meant musthaves. Because these items belong in every closet...

Too bad the jumpsuits aren't available in trousers. Would love them with a simple white tee!
Also too bad that I actually put myself on some kind of shopping restriction. Totally forgot why I came up with such a stupid idea!! Which clogs do you like the most?

Oh totally forgot to tell you more about my new job! Since today I am officially Social Media Manager of Etos. A big druggest store here in the Netherlands. Very thrilled about it and cant wait to finally launch Facebook and Twitter! :-)
1) Asos, 2) Boohoo, 3/4) Topshop

dinsdag 8 juni 2010


Rhodos had such amazing jewelry shops. So cute! Also sometimes way overprized... But when I walked into this lovely ring I didnt care about the fact that it was overprized. I fell in love immediately! The whole fit, the color, the fact that it was real silver instead of all those fake ones I have ;-)....

What ya think?

A ring is round
It has no end
So is my love
For you my friend

woensdag 2 juni 2010


Ive bought a lot since my last blogpost. I almost forgot what! Because ooh its a lot. Maybe I should put myself on a shopdiet....Something like no shopping, and especcially no shoes for like a month. But then again I cant start today. Because Ive planned to go to Primark next monday with my lil' sis and my mom. So maybe its better to start after that.... Ok, I'll try.... But first some pics. Hopefully the weather will continue to be this lovely so I can wear it all very soon and post some outfitpics!

Pic 1: Floral Dress H&M Garden Collection
Pic 2:  Black Triwa watch
Pic 3: Black laced wedges from Zara, black Converse and a pair of sandals
Pic 4: Beige Trench Coat Ive been looking for for ages by H&M via eBay.
Pic 5: Green Military Dress by Zara, headband by H&M, jeanslegging by Vila, nude coloured vest by H&M, floral skirt by Zara, ballet flats in nude and black by Zara, offwhite blouse by Zara, and my favourite; leather bag from Topshop!

woensdag 26 mei 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates but due the fact that I recently moved in to my new appartment I didnt have Internet for like 5 weeks. After that I went to Rhodes for a week and spend an amazing time there with great weather, a blue ocean, lovely food (tzatziki yum) and amazing cocktails (Tequila Sunrise was favorite).

Last week I got back and I got some amazing news to tell you! Ive got a job!! Yihaa! Finally....:-)

I will tell you as soon as I can more details!


You have to do it with this pretty view from my chair at the pool :)
Ok and a pic with my new dress....better pics are coming up!

woensdag 7 april 2010


Long time no postings...but I am so busy! Here some pictures with recent purchases...

Jewelry: From the Amazing (yes with a capital A) Fashionology!! (except for the armourring)

vrijdag 12 maart 2010


Since I have been a little kid I have a thing for fairytales. Though Alice in Wonderland isn't really considered to be a fairytale I have always loved it. I cannot wait to see the movie.... and whats even nicer is that you can buy stuff to become Alice yourself.

Check it out @missselfridge


My recent purchase is this denim do you like it? I can't wait to wear it for summer with tanned legs :-)! Hopefully summer is coming soon!! Btw my hair looks horrible....def need a good hairdo...Next week I have an appointment with the hairdresser. I think it will be blonde and it always was ;-)

Striped shirt - Primark
Legging - H&M
Denim short - H&M
Boots - vintage

vrijdag 5 maart 2010


1) shirt zara
2) shirt H&M
3) ring six
4) ring H&M

zondag 28 februari 2010


Yihaa finally ordered them!! Had to wait for such a long time and was so afraid that they would be out of stock but they were not. Officially I haven't received my first salary yet but just couldnt wait. I love paypal ;-)


ps. Last week when I was in France I also bought some nice stuff -bodycon skirt, black/white striped shirt (again) and a lovely ring. Will make a pic of them tomorrow! 

maandag 22 februari 2010


Look what I found at Carolines blog, I just love the stripes, the skirt and the heels. A perfect combination for any occassion! Dress it up with thights for a day to work. Leave the jacket and the heels for a day at the beach. Add a bag and you are ready for a day of shopping!!

Last week I got a phonecall from the bank that I got the job so I really need some new clothes and this outfit will be perfect! Another thing I did last week was visiting my dear friend in France who I met in England when we were both studying there. We had a great time catching up!! The weather was so much better there than here in The Netherlands and it made me craving for spring. Can't wait to wear a nice and comfy spring outfit like this one!

Okay....I already know where my first salary will be spend on!! ;-)


zaterdag 13 februari 2010


Last tuesday I received a call of the agency where I applied for a job. Unfortunately they choose two other people with more experience for the second interview. But they said that they have something coming up and that they will definately call me if that will work out ... so fingers crossed again.

Since I am totally out of money and I so need new clothes I decided to go for a temporary job. Monday I have an interview for some deskwork at the bank for like two months. Hope I will get that job.
I am looking forward to work again and ofcourse my paycheck at the end of the month ;-).

Already made a wishlist of things I want to buy when I receive my first salary.
Check this out.....

ps. Next monday I will be in Panama at the Miss I Love Fashion News 2010 Finale! Whom of you Dutch girls out there will be there as well?! Maybe we can meet?!

woensdag 3 februari 2010


Can't remember which part this is. Too many parts unfortunately....

Yesterday I had a lovely jobinterview with a PR-company which I really like and where I would love to work. The interview went well so all I have to do now is waiting. Waiting untill tomorrow....then they will call me if they want to see me for the second interview. I really don't know what it will be. They are looking for a new account manager to replace a senior accountmanager. So I am a bit afraid that my experience level is too low. But I hope they will also see that I am a quick learner and that I would be perfect for the job. It's really a dreamjob for me so I am sure that I will work my ass off!

Fingers crossed again...


Love the new line of Rianne de Witte. Simple but elegant!

woensdag 27 januari 2010


Ok, some brighter colors. Makes me craving for spring....

Spring Awakenings
Spring Awakenings van Rianne....


Source: Polyvore


All dark colors what's wrong with me....;-)

Source: All Polyvore

woensdag 20 januari 2010




Already got back from London like a week too long I haven't updated my blog...shame on me....

Here is a short impression of our great trip. We did a lot of shopping, site seeing and more shopping hihi...Loved it.


About my jobinterview. It went very well but as I said it was more like a get-to-know-each-other talk.... They were very nice and also gave me some names and companies whom I can approach for a job. That's what I did and now I am waiting for their response. Hopefully a nice response with the perfect job!!

donderdag 7 januari 2010


Got myself this amazing leopard ring....was inspirated by the amazing blog of Caroline...go and check it out...

ps. This afternoon I have a sort of job interview at an amazing company. It's not a real one, more like a 'get-to-know-each-other' interview.Would love to work there, so I really hope it will be a nice interview with some good opportunities. Fingers crossed!