dinsdag 17 november 2009


Last week I told you that I was invited for an intern interview at a very nice company. The interview went very well and the more I heard about the company the more I wanted to work there. After the interview I went home with a good feeling and that feeling turned out to be right. Around 5 o'clock friday afternoon they called me and said that they would love it if I would be their intern. I was so flabbergasted and so excited that I enthusiastically said yes! I talked about it with my bf and he was also very enthusiastic. Until we came to the financial part and we had to conclude that it was not possible to afford everything if I would not have a normal salary. I fellt really dissapointed but it is how it is. So this morning I called them to tell the bad news. They could totally understand it but at the moment they could not offer me a job. So unfortunately I am back on the road again.... looking for another nice job in the PR/Communication and fashion. Hope I will fnd a nice one.


ps I did manage to find the perfect job interview outfit. On thursday I went into town (Amsterdam) but couldn't find anything. Then a good friend of mine told me I had to go to COS in The Hague. And that's what I did on friday morning and I scored the perfect dress; black with balmainlike shoulders. Love it! Will post a pic asap.

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