zondag 15 november 2009


Jimmy Choo for H&M, a lot of people were looking forward to the launch of this special line for H&M. Since I do not have any money I did not want to buy anything although I really liked the black flat studded pumps.

But yesterday morning when I woke up around half past nine I had some kind of weird feeling. I went downstairs made myself some breakfast and checked my email on my Iphone. And then I saw the clock ticking and suddenly I could not resist to try to enter the H&M online store. At first I couldn't get in, but stubborn as I am I kept on trying. And suddenly I was in... and I felt the pressure of scarcity, and out of the blue picked some shoes -no not only the flat pumps- and a bag and put them in my online basket...and..... I ordered them. I told myself that I could always return the items or sell them (I did not checked marktplaats and Ebay before I thought that lol).  Typically an example of the cognitive dissonance theory. So I kind of fall for the pressure of scarity...stupid me....although it still does not feel that way because I so do love the items I ordered.  H&M passed with flying colours....still think it's amazing why do people so want these items....and why am I one of them?!

What do you think? And did you get in, and had the chance to order something?


4 opmerkingen:

  1. OOooh ik wilde ook die studheels :p! Waren natuurlijk weer niet in mijn maat haha.

  2. aaah zo mooi! ik wil zo graag die ene schoudertas nog hebben!

  3. heerlijk ik wil alles wel! helaas moet ik dan nog even sparen :( x

  4. jij hebt echt mazzel!
    ik wilde ze ook maar ik ben nu even geldloos helaas